Two things

There are two things (at least two) I’ve learned over the years about the world in general. I’m not that old, but I’ve managed to pay attention to a few things.

The first is about bullies. Bullies are people who make their way by threats of violence, fear or actual violence. They threaten dire consequences for their displeasure and then proceed to take what they please. Bullies will act this way until someone busts them in the nose. Sometimes, with the harder cases, you have to actually keep it up until they decide not to get up anymore.

The second thing is that problems of today rarely go away if they are genuine problems. They linger, they mature, but they rarely go away. Nine times out of ten some preemptive measure—like checking tread depth and tire pressure and getting rid of the problem tire—can prevent a blow out and, subsequently, a lot of heart ache.

What you thought there was more?


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