The Way Things Are

A profound grasp of the obvious is required here, so bear with…

It’s getting more and more difficult to deny that Christians both do not and are not supposed to fit into the world. We will always be strangers in a strange land. We are now and will always be just passing through, well, at least until we go home. But we lose sight of that sometimes. We’re like missionaries gone native. Will our only legacy be blue-eyed decendants who are just as heathen as the rest of their tribe?

I did an impromptu experiment over the Summer while I wasn’t blogging. It’s not for the faint of heart or the easily distracted ‘so kids, don’t try this at home.’ I went back and purchased some of the music I listened to when I was a kid. Rock and classic rock and some others…It’s been twenty years since I heard some of it. After the nostalgia wore off I recognized a change that cannot be wholly accounted for by my age. My focus has shifted. My perspective has changed. I recognize the same situations in the music. The debauchery encouraged in some songs and the outright saturnalia in others. What I mean is that instead of a great swelling scream of emotion driven angst or lust or the desire to ‘party’ it stirs something different. It’s a great swell of pity for the persona’s portrayed in the lyrics and even for the artists themselves.

Boy that sounded sanctimonious, didn’t it? It’s different because, for example, in a song about a broken relationship I am no long thinking, “Yeah, throw them out in the street…yeah, light their stuff on fire…” I’m wondering what brought the marriage to an end and thinking about how easy it is to fix the things that go wrong with a little bit of humility and grace.

But thats not how the world thinks. See what I mean?


3 responses to “The Way Things Are

  1. Brilliant!

    After rock-n-roll’s party-era in the 80’s came 90’s grunge. Reminds me of Ecclesiastes.

    I listen to some songs and think, “When are they going to get to the Ecclesiastes part of their life?”

  2. Hey Josh,

    I’m still trying to get over seeing “saturnalia” in a blog post…Dude, you’re killin’ me.

    For the those of us who did not look it up, it means: “unrestrained revelry; orgy”. Certainly appropriate for the pop/rock of the 80’s, 90’s and current.

    It is humbling to do a little check like what you have discussed in this post. First, there’s regret, “What was I thinking with all the time I wasted!?” Second is fighting the tendancy to feel superior or judgmental to those who still don’t get it. Third is the humble rejoicing at the sight of growth and fruit that can only come from the Holy Spirit active and working in you. There is great assurance in that and encouragement to keep pressing forward.

  3. Micah, yeah I don’t think they’re going to get the Ecclesiastes part. Took me a long while. Still don’t get it some days. “Vanity, vanity….”

    But for the grace of God we’d all be high-centered on that saturnalia thing Kevin so yeah, its humbling.

    Good to hear from you bro.

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