Besides the listening to all that music I also did a lot of reading this Summer. Since July first I’ve read 15596 pages of non-biblical books. At this writing that’s about 110 days.

If I did the math right that means that I could have read my ESV Bible through from Genesis to Revelation 15 times. That’s about once a week or about 142 pages per day. Granted the Bible takes a bit more concentration but it seems that I’m not studying to my potential.

OK. That’s an understatement. The last time I finished Revelation was seven years ago and I’m still trying to get back through the New Testament. That’s not saying I haven’t done a lot of concentrated studying in that time frame it just seems that I’ve forgotten the joy of just reading through the Bible and hearing all of it as I go.

How about you? You know what you can read. Are you doing the Word of God justice? Are you really listening to what it says?

It’s a good thought on Saturday to get ready for Sunday. Pray through it and may God bless you today.

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