Potential Update

Truly this reading thing is tougher than it sounds. The Bible requires a great deal more attention than, say, a Sci-Fi novel. You have to think about it, mull it over ‘meditate on it day and night’ as it were. It takes a lot more effort.

Even so, I managed to get the Old Testament read up to Numbers before I had to go out of town for a few days. It was pretty time intensive so I didn’t even manage to crack it open and now I’m out of the groove. Its a little depressing.

Here’s the thing: If we believe the Word of God is what it says it is then why don’t we make it more of a priority? It’s not going to change if we don’t read it and we sure aren’t going to change either. But when we do read and believe we are stirred up by what it says. We are changed.


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