Breaking Down

It seems like everything I own is breaking down this year. The mower, the fridge, the…pick something. I had to replace a florescent light fixture in the kitchen. I mean come on…I had to replace my computer, which is a big part of why I haven’t been writing very much lately. Add that to the other things and it makes for a very interesting holiday season.

Holiday season? Of course it must be the holiday’s. Walmart is playing Christmas carols and we’re just past Black Friday. This year was the first time I ever heard that term. I guess it fits considering what a nightmare the stores are just after Thanksgiving. It almost seems to be a holiday in and of it self, at least to retailers.

Which reminds me…something else about the holiday’s that is bugging me this year: Macy’s Day. We were watching the ‘Macy’s Day Parade’ on Thanksgiving because it’s fun for the kids and keeps them from realizing that they’re starving to death waiting for the turkey, et al. I heard a lot of commentators call IT the ‘Macy’s Day Parade’ and they only corrected themselves a few times. It was probably just a slip but it’s bothersome. It’s Thanksgiving for a reason. We are supposed to be thankful to the Lord for the way he has blessed us this year. Instead we have Macy’s Day which is a saturnalia of spending and getting and buying. A day of squandering the blessings God has given us by running up huge credit card bills—yes I know the sales are good. I’m not saying they aren’t and yes spending less to get things is good stewardship. But just spending isn’t.

It’s kind of like the difference between an electric car that was designed and built to be insanely fuel efficent and one that was built to capitalize on some of the horsepower benefits of having an electric boost in your takeoff speed.

Probably this is just me rattling but it is something to think about. When the holiday’s break down it’s a bad sign. When our concept of what it means to offer ‘Thanksgiving’ is reduced to gluttony, football, and shopping its worse.
Be Thankful this season, especially if you didn’t already spend all your ‘extra’ income for next year.


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