COD: Akward (read: creepy) Irony

At first I read this laughing hysterically at what Dr. Mohler calls an ‘Awkward Irony’ and then my stomach clenched up. Especially when I read this part:

“Down the hall in the kitchen, older kids engaged in a Socratic conversation with class leader Bishop about the role persuasion plays in decision-making. He tried to get them to see that people who are coerced into renouncing their beliefs might not actually change their minds but could be acting out of self-preservation–an important lesson for young atheists who may feel pressure to say they believe in God.”

It’s not that I mind other people organizing themselves I’m just thinking of twenty years from now when these cute little kids have grown into their teeth. What do you do with a Christian who you know is just ‘acting out of self-preservation’? The implications are a little scary.

It’s not that I’m concerned, I am aware of God’s Sovereignty, I just worry a little about the world in which my kids are going to have to live.


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