Dearly We’re Bought

“Dearly we’re bought, highly esteemed, redeemed with Jesus blood…”

The refrain from the hymn “Dearly we’re bought” from The Gadsby Project by Red Mountain Church. I just happen to be listening to it right now, right after, in fact, I looked at this post by Brent over at colossiansthreesixteen. Go over there and read his post which asks if the pictures are really the issue. I love reading things like this. They show us a view of the world through eyes salved with God’s Word which always accomplishes His purpose. Can I get an amen for that at least?

Anyway, this inflated church membership bone is really stuck in my craw lately so I’m going to write a few things that wiser men than me—a great long list, to be sure—should have already figured out. The first is, simply, that the church must be composed of the redeemed. People in church should be saved. If they’re coming to church regularly for any other reason there’s a problem. Why else would you come to church? To salve you conscience? To help you feel like a moral person? I’m not saying that we should toss people out into the street who don’t know Christ, but there should be some discretion. The lost have no business in the counsels of the saved who have been bought with the blood of Jesus.


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