“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

OK. I’m a rusty old Star Wars geek. I never had enough spare cash to get the life size Darth Vader action figure but that doesn’t mean I didn’t THINK about getting it.

Anyway, I’m not using the force here so don’t get all theological on me, I’m just looking at some of the things I’ve seen popping up across the SBC like little black daisies. Resolutions for the ‘Regenerate Membership’ thing or resolutions ‘Against Calvinism’–it just doesn’t look good.

Then I read this and can’t help but have a little hope.

This doesn’t hurt either.


4 responses to ““I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

  1. I’m trying real hard to think of a Star Wars line that would be appropriate…

    “Great, kid! Now don’t get cocky.”


  2. Good one. It’s tons better than “Awwww Uncle OWWWWwwweeenn!” That one sets my teeth on edge.

    And thanks for the warning. My pastor said something along those lines not too long ago.

  3. Wondering what a Calvinist is?

  4. ‘Calvinist’ is a label currently applied to a group within the Southern Baptist Church. It is a stereotype based upon a great deal of misinformation as all such stereotypes are. Sort of a pool of ignorance is you will. That’s not to say that all pastors are ignorant about their own theology but if a pastor is preaching about ‘those Calvinists’ on Sunday morning he is probably not going to have anything good to say about them. You can google it and find out some more or you can click on some of the links in my blog roll.

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