Joyful Noise

In about July I signed up for a trial membership for eMusic. I had never been one of those download-all-the-free-music you can sort of people . I mean it’s a great idea but I am still, basically, a CD person. (Now I know how my aunt feels about her vinyl collection. Actually I probably don’t as I don’t think a chunk of plastic should demand that sort of adoration.) The eMusic system sounded fair. You pay a small monthly subscription fee for songs. Songs that are completely free of any restricting software—something for which the Apple iPod is widely known. I was looking into getting an iPhone at one point but $1.00 songs and the restrictions on using them was a major negative for me. eMusic songs are raw MP3’s which means they work on any MP3 player. No restrictions and you can pretty well do whatever you want to do with them. That means that if you want to burn a disc to play in the car you don’t have to worry about the music licensing Gestapo parachuting onto your car during your morning commute.

Ahem. Anyhow, I’ve been downloading some really great stuff from them over the last few months and I thought I’d write about some of it. I’m also trying to get a feed set up in the sidebar for some of my playlists, er, with limited success. I’m not really a code guru—hopefully I won’t have to hack it too much.


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