Answers to Home buying questions

Here’s a good post on looking for or building a house. If you’re in need of one, ask some questions. This guy knows what he’s talking about.


2 responses to “Answers to Home buying questions

  1. It is a very good site, but as a former carpenter, wife of a carpenter, and owner and builder of my own home, please be sure and check out many site and also check places like HGTV. I have no interest except that I personally love building house and have seen and made many mistakes. It can be fun, but it can also be very stressful and if you have some idea what to expect, it always makes it a little easier. If you are hiring a contractor, don’t limit yourself to the telephone book. Believe it or not, insurance agents,banker,real estate agents and building suppliers know who gets the job done, who does quality work, etc. My husband does not advertise, he works soley by referreral.

  2. It’s not an advertisement for services, its just a blog about energy and the environment and he’s written a post about home buying. I actually know this fellow personally. Trust me, he knows the business. It could have been much longer. MUCH longer…

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