The First Day of December

The first day of December.

That’s twenty-four shopping days till Christmas Day where our Festival of the Free Market Economy will draw to a close. Tearfully shall we open those credit card bills. No wonder people drink so much at New Year’s parties.

Got your Wii yet? Good luck on that.

Honestly we did the same thing we usually do, presents and probably too many. We just watched the cost, shopped at sales, and fortunately got some pretty good deals on some of the things we were asked about by the kids. I think we’ve shown a lot of restraint this year, though.

“In the beginning was the Word” John tells us at the beginning of his Gospel “and the word was with God and the word was God. He was with God in the beginning.”

Eternal God made man, born in a stable and bedded down in a manger for the single purpose of fulfilling his Fathers desire to redeem a people unto himself for His Glory. How is it possible that can move us to greater deeds of shopping?
Focus people. It’s not CHRISTmas for nothing.


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