The Mice Must Die

As I wrote in my last post, the mice are coming in. We didn’t get much cold weather until the end of November. So we have unwelcome guests. If you’re in the same boat here are some links and a compiled list of pointers.

I use the Victor Quick Set when I want to catch mice. It works better than any other trap regardless of the size of the mouse.

I found this thread on a fishing forum and it was hysterical. Mind the language but there are some excellent tips including one fellow that says you should put a pebble or a piece of dog food under the trap so it wobbles. That will cause the mouse to trip the trigger ‘every time.’ Makes sense.

The bait of choice for me has always been peanut butter. When I was a kid I used heavy cardboard box, half a pecan sandie and a Daisy BB gun. If I failed to get more than three a day it was because the weather was warming up and they were finally able to flee my wrath.


2 responses to “The Mice Must Die

  1. Well my friend as an owner, and that’s a misnomer no one really owns them, of four cats I have to say my problems with mice have been non-existent for some time now. Go get yourself some mousers my friend.

  2. I have some no-touchie strays-that-stay outside but they seem to mostly be interested in my goldfinches. We don’t do indoor pets so I’m stuck with traps right now.

    When I was a bachelor I had a huge tom cat but thats another story.

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