Golden Compass

I haven’t read these yet so my information is rather scarce, actually. This article by Dr. Mohler paints a fairly grim picture about what it represents but, I have to say, the armored polar bears in the commercials look really cool. I’m kind of a Sci Fi and Fantasy geek though and I always have been so the idea that a popular writer’s ‘magnum opus’ is all about destroying Christianity isn’t much of a shocker. Most of the popular Science Fiction authors write from a perspective that isn’t devoid of God–which you’d expect from atheist writers–but lean toward marginalizing or making the reader feel that religion in general is just a crutch. At least they usually slam all religions equally. The Golden Compass appears to be aimed specifically at the Church in general.

Here’s the part where I’ll likely get some criticism. Can we blame them? I mean really if we have spent the last couple of hundred years preaching about a God who begs and pleads and is now all squishy and nice and ‘omnibenevolent’ or whatever how could these intelligent people not be turned completely off? As far as I can tell the hard-core of athiests in general is made up of very smart folks who remind me a lot of the Bereans. They think and evaluate and consider before they just take something at face value. They are like Thomas who had believed once, came to the conclusion he was tricked, then, when faced with the living Christ recanted and fell at his face. Perhaps these people are like that. They’ve never been confronted with the Christ of the Bible or any of his people who are actively living out his Word. If thats the case then of course what we’re saying doesn’t make sense to them. The reality is that until our message matches up with the Word of God we can’t really be angry with these folks. And even when it does, the Bible says that there are some who are going to do all they can to not believe. I’m fine with that. It’s what the Bible says. It confirms what the Bible says in fact.

Read some of the comments here on this thread over at the Two Headed Blog. This is where I first saw comments about the movies.

I think I’m going to have to get these and read them to see what the hub bub is about. That may have been part of the plan but Phillip Pullman is supposed to be a really good writer. Maybe I can pick up some writing tips.

Dan Phillips has some good points about it here.


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