A Short Medical Rant for your perusal…

I found a link to this article over at Counseling notes.

I meet people like this once or twice a year. You say the word ‘doctor’ or ask them ‘how are you doing?’ and its like stepping on a land mine. BOOM! This endless stream of invective pours from their mouth about how ‘they’re just poisoning us with all those pills’. Suddenly you’re standing there numb just wishing it would stop. They talk about doctors like they’re plumbers or electricians. The shoe shine boy gets more respect because its a lost art. No one knows how to shine a pair of shoes any more. Apparently anyone can be a doctor, though, if they’ve got internet access. As if there’s some possible way they could know more about medicine that someone who earned a medical degree. I suppose pastors get the same flack. They go to college and seminary and they still spend nine-tenths of their time justifying what they said in the pulpit to someone who can’t be bothered to dust off their bible for more than two hours of carry-time on Sunday.

Pastors can’t punt, though, like the fellow in this article. The engineer in the article knows why to go to a specialist. Because they have information and abilities that he doesn’t. He accepts his limits and tries to get the job done anyway. Some patients quack themselves six ways from Sunday trying to fix ‘IT’ on their own while doc-shopping their way across the whole city and demanding their treatments done THEIR way. Church members are the same way. The difference is that patients don’t have perspicuity on their side. There’s no medical spirit that ‘teaches them all truth’ about medicine.

Unfortunately the next thing that happens in this equation is that the patient gets fed up with the docs, gets a lawyer, and sues the lot of them for malpractice. When they win and the doctors quit out of sheer frustration…don’t get me started on the strain this puts on the medical system at large.


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