I try not to get too wrapped up in politics. I wait until the election is in sight before I make a firm decision and sort of keep an eye on it peripherally before that. I’m a Christian so I put some prayer on my decision as well.

But thats my business. Well I guess if I was that concerned about it I wouldn’t write about it on a blog.

I just can’t see staring at the TV for most of a year before and after a Presidential election when you can figure out what they mean by a little minor research and just listening occasionally to the news. It’s pretty repetitive, once they get all the planks in their platform nailed down.

Anyway, the point is that each of us has a way that we prepare to make our decisions when we vote. I think we should, as a American citizens. It’s our civic duty. It’s a privilege that many in the world would no doubt love to take away. It’s the teeth in threat of a grass-roots movement. It puts the blackjack and billy clubs in ‘throw the bums out’ because most life-long politicians are more interested in keeping their jobs than doing them.


2 responses to “Voting

  1. You sound like a Ron Paul supporter! Join use in the overthrow of an abusive government that consistently violates our Constitution rights. I know I can count on your support.

  2. You do? Now thats faith…or is it? Actually its more of a political statement that seems to be based upon an assumption that I will make a decision either way due to a comment made on a blog. I’m definitely not interested in overthrowing the government.

    See what I mean about politics? Eats up too much of my own limited band-width.

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