COW Tipping

COW = Can ‘O Worms

Used to you could get a tin can opened up with a hand-powered opener and use it to hold your fish bait. Worms and grub of all varieties would stay securely sealed into this low-tech wonder because the lid was still attached. When you dropped your newly acquired fish-morsel into it you could bend the lid back down and it would stay in place.

Well, if your lid wasn’t on tight enough or you had wiggled it so much that the little hinge broke the one thing you didn’t want to do was tip the can. At that point, the lid would roll off and all your bait would wiggle all over the place because I’ll tell you what, they were much less interested in being skewered on a hook and fed to a fish than you were in doing it. Thats the problem with opening the can ‘o worms that is sin: no one wants to deal with it and when you open the lid and let in some light, they all take off.

Let’s tip some ‘cows’, OK?


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