Insert head shake here…

Founders Ministries Blog: Interview with Kevin Larson: an axed Missouri Baptist church planter

I don’t know what to think when I read things like this. I wonder why Southern Baptists continue to labor under the delusion that young ministers will put up with this type of treatment? This is the type of person we need to plant churches. Is the Southern Baptist ‘we ain’t never done it that way before’ so ingrained that we can’t get around it? How can we accept things like “Purpose Driven Church” as the gospel and then get upset about something trivial like this? I don’t get it.

The other question is, ‘How long is God going to put up with this?” Worship is a privilege the Jews lost two or three times? Something like that…. Go back and read about the Glory leaving the temple. It didn’t go all at once, it left in stages. I think its time for the SBC to realize that even its present state is a sort of a gracious pause, a calm before the storm…


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