Live From Tulsa!

Yes, I’m live-blogging our road trip to Tulsa with four children for a family Christmas celebration. Of course by the time you read this I’ll probably be home..or locked up in the looney bin.

HEY! Get away from the toilet with that toothbrush…

But seriously, it hasn’t been too bad. We ate at Johnny Carino’s Italian at about 41st and Harvard and it was simply fantastic. We had Italian Nachos which is sort of hard to explain. There’s this fabulous cheese sauce on won-ton like chips with chicken and Italian sausage, tomatoes, black olives, jalapeno’s and some sort of sweet pepper. Mmmm…. I had a skillet meal called Timballo. Very spicy and seriously not heart healthy…pasta, pepperoni, more black olives, peppers, tomatoes, and more cheesy goodness. And they have pretty good tea too.

It was snowing earlier and just as we got back to the hotel the wet roads were freezing up in spots.

Excuse me, I have to go re-tuck a child into bed.


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