It’s not a rant, not much of one anyway…

Brent Thomas talks about what a blessing kids are…and I take a rant-tangent. Tell me about it. Try going anywhere with four kids. It doesn’t cause hysteria in restaurants but it’s amazing how rude people can be. It’s so bad sometimes that even the kids notice it. And that ticks me off. We’re not even talking about a fancy restaurant. I’m talking about IHOP.

Realistically, I expect that from the world, I don’t expect it from the church. Here’s what I’m talking about: I’ve gotten all kinds of dirty looks from folks because we insist on keeping our kids with us during the worship service rather than sending them to children’s church. We put the baby in the nursery because, well she’s a baby. Babies ARE loud and WE want to hear the sermon. But the older kids need to be in church so they can learn to worship. Where else are they going to learn it?

We move them from the nursery to extended session to children’s church to the youth ministry…no wonder they want something else when they get out of High School. It was convenient, but its hard to reverse 18 years of training them to leave the adults alone while they worship God. ‘Big Church’ ain’t a peach folks. It’s not FUN.

It’s not supposed to be. It’s worship. It’s submitting yourself to the Word of God in public and in front of those who ought to know you best. I’m sure the youth group IS more fun, but why is it like that? Are we ministering to the kids or just keeping them out of the way?

Motives matter. Think about it.


13 responses to “It’s not a rant, not much of one anyway…

  1. It’s upside down at best…nice rant.

  2. Although I grew up in such a church, I never understood this obsession with sequestering off children. I’m so grateful to have been led to a church where the pastor and elders not only encourage, but expect children to be in service with their parents. It’s been so long since I got the “evil eye” from someone that I had forgotten what a blessing it is for the opposite reaction to be the normal state of things. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thanks Kevin.

    TGD, you’re welcome. We’re Southern Baptists. It’s a work in progress.

  4. Apologies — I believe I left the wrong impression. The church I grew up in was about as far as you can get from SBC, whereas the church I attend now is, in fact, SBC. Most of the churches I have visited or attended have been of the “sequester” variety, and that irrespective of denominational affiliation. I don’t view this issue as in any way peculiar to or emblematic of the SBC. Sorry if it appeared that way.

  5. No problem. I think the word ‘elders’ threw me. SBC churches don’t typically have those.

    Now answer me this: does this apply to the ‘youth ministry’ as well?

  6. I guess I’m showing my ignorance of what is typical in SBC churches. The church I attend definitely calls these men “elders” (I just double-checked).

    If you are now asking whether whether teenagers are “sequestered” during Sunday services, the answer is no, absolutely not. There are age-related classes on Wednesday evenings, though. Does that answer your question?

  7. Try doing this with 6 at the ripe age of thirty. My wife and I had 6 kids in the span of 10 years. We have hear it all. Are they all yours? No, I mean are they from the two of you? Do you know what causes that? Wow, you have been busy! 1 2 3 4 5 6 Six kids honey did you see them six kids (whispering) did you see them all! We have heard it all see it all we are not surprised now by anything anyone would say. We even began to tell them six while they were still counting and answering even the whispers under the breath. The kids really got a kick out of it. Hey Praise God what a blessing they will stand in the gate against the emeny. Have a great day.

  8. Hey Brother thanks for stopping by. Thats Brother Jerry–pastor, theolog, father of six. He is the only person I know ’round home’ with more kids than me.

  9. That’s another thing that leaves me shaking my head: Christians acting as if a large family is some sort of aberration that “happens” only to people who “don’t know what causes it.” Pathetic.

    If it weren’t for miscarriages, we would have six also.

    “Ripe of of thirty”??? Try chasing grade-schoolers around the yard at the “ripe age” of 47. =:-O

  10. TGD: Well…this is Oklahoma.

    Do we have to talk about age? I’ve got four under seven and forty’s looking better all the time. [insert hair-standing smiley here]

  11. I’m from NE OK, even though I don’t live there now. So, I understand perfectly. šŸ˜‰

  12. Whoa. Do you ever. All you have to do is VISIT Grand Lake…

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