…a terrible kind of sense

I don’t know that much about Islam. I mean, I haven’t applied my self to the study of the differences between Islam and Christianity. But this article by Al Mohler is enlightening and a little frightening.


One response to “…a terrible kind of sense

  1. I knew absolutely nothing about Islam, until last Sunday. As a mechanical contractor I have heard just about everything about anything political or religious while visiting with customers. On Sunday, our pastor brought some really interesting intolerant differences between Christians and Muslims and suggested we read Unveiling Islam by Ergun and Emir Caner. In my opinion our country is under a very serious threat from within.

    A month or so ago, a woman from Europe told me “to be grateful that we are being invaded by Catholic illegal immigrants from South America, because in Europe, they are being invaded by Islam, and those people will kill you”. At that time I thought nothing about what she had said.

    Be very careful, apparently, we could be killed because of our religious beliefs, even here in America.


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