Clone Wars

Here’s a thorny theological quandry: does a human clone have a soul? Is it a thing created by man or a man created by God by secondary means? Is it an it or a he or she?

I have always wondered if we would get to this point. If our technology would allow us to make copies of people.


6 responses to “Clone Wars

  1. I don’t know the answer to your quandry, but I have often wondered if God will confound us by having the scientists just not be able to accomplish it or maybe Christ will return before we are able to go too far in this direction. Thinking of the Tower of Babel….

  2. I hope its something like that but I’m going to guess that man’s disregard for the sanctity of human life and his fear of death is going to drive him well past the point of cloning humans.

  3. You may be right, and it’s a scary and sobering thought. But God is sovereign, and in this we have to rest.

  4. But, with that thought, I don’t mean we sit back and do nothing. We must pray and continue to speak the truth and teach His word into our dark and growing darker culture so that some will come to saving faith and realize the error of the kind of thinking that leads us down this path.

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  6. I hear you. Even this will be used to the glory of God.

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