The Vile Nickname

It is perhaps the foulest thing we can call our Lord. The implications are as follows:
That he lies to save face.
That he puffs up to demand satisfaction from a challenge.
That he elevates women in order to, in reality, keep them down.
That he is more concerned about his outward appearance than, well, anything else.
That his concept of right and wrong is based upon etiquette or good manners.
That he wears soft clothes and soft shoes so as not to offend soft people.
That he would turn up his nose at some because of their outer appearance.
That his benevolence is his only virtue.
That his justice is guided by the same thing.

That thing, of course, is the oft heard phrase, “My God is a gentleman.” That he woos and waits, longingly, like a lover courting a maiden. That he panders to the masses so that they might choose him, like a prom king during homecoming week, like a presidential candidate. As if whoever gets the most votes will win the race…

Gentle, indeed, but powerful. So much so that he grew indignant that the children were kept away yet gently drew them into his lap to teach his disciples. “For such is the kingdom of heaven”—Not innocent, but honest and candid and true ‘not double tongued’.

And that is why it is so vile. The gentleman crosses to the other side of the road so as not to get his fine clothes dirty taking care of the injured man. The gentleman has nothing to do with whores or drunkards of a certain type. Only the socially acceptable ones and then only when he thinks he can get away with it.

He isn’t a gentle-man, but God in the flesh. The very image of God, the Lamb and names ad infinitum. It’s not about his holding the door open, it’s his being the door. His coarse shepherd’s clothing betrayed his rural upbringing. His hard hands and strong back betrayed his trade of carpenter. He did not have fine clothes or a big house—the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. No gentleman would be caught dead in some of those places. The underpasses and back streets of Israel we’re where he could usually be found.

No gentleman, and yet God would be found there. He would that all those he calls would be found with him. That they would hear and believe…

The word of God is not bound. Are you?


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