Well here I am. A stay at home Dad in the land of manly men. Men who work hard all day as welders and truckers and other tougher, harder jobs. They come home to their homes and their wives and have supper and watch NASCAR or Football or a fishing show. They have video tapes of deer, turkey or other types of hunting. If they were jedi’s they would, on occasion, use their force powers to get a beer from the fridge. It’s a hard way to make a living.

When they’re not working hard they’re hunting, fishing, or talking about it. They’re cleaning up from this deer season or getting ready for the next one. They discuss deer leases and Elk tags and why the turkeys are scarce or plentiful. They gossip about big cats or black bears or other dangers of being in the trees.

It’s a little tough to ‘culturalize’ the gospel to these fellows if you’re me. Stay at home dad, four kids, two mini-vans. The last and only time I went deer hunting I fell asleep out in the woods just before the sun came up with a loaded 30-06 laying across my knees. Don’t try this at home folks. I have fishing poles and I occasionally use them to great effect.

The problem is this. About ten years ago I decided it would be better to fish for men. You see when you hunt or fish for anything else, it’s for your own belly or your own glory. When you are a ‘fisher of men’ it is for God’s glory and someone else’s benefit. I think hunting and fishing is an important part of our American culture, but I also think that Christians have an obligation to do what they are called to do. Go, make disciples, baptize them…you know, the great commission. Fishing was something Peter went back to after he screwed up being a disciple. If he ever went back to it, honestly, it would just be a rationalization on his part.


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