The Product of Conception

If you’re reading this, you’re the product of conception. At some point, someone did something that caused you to come into being. You were conceived. You were carried in your mother’s womb for around nine months and you were born. At some point in your life you were a baby. All of us at least have that much in common. We are all the product of conception.
I just don’t think we’re thinking about the same thing.

It’s easy to reduce our existence down to biology and tissue, flesh and bone. We are that, at least. But we are also spiritual beings. There are religions in every culture of the earth. The athiests want us to believe that it’s an inherent weakness in the human race, the need for a crutch. I think they’re right, to a certain extent. We all feel our own mortality bearing down upon us. ‘Death and taxes’ are the only sure things some folks say. I know it’s a cliché but it’s one that reflects the way some people feel. We all hear that external call. We all see the marvels of nature, the stars in the sky, the sound of a musical note, the taste of fresh strawberries or the sweet smell of hay in the fall. Some of us just reach different conclusions about it than others. Some call it happenstance or random chance that led to the evolution of life on this planet. Some point to scientific evidence and have well convinced their self that no one could have created this. It’s too complex, too bizarre for any mind to conceive. And I agree with that too.

But here’s the thing I continue to come back to in my thoughts. If God is who the Bible says he is, then do we really expect to understand him or his creation? Could we really worship God if he was anything but so far outside our ability to understand that most of what he has done is beyond our comprehension? Of course not, I wouldn’t want it that way either. That would reduce him to an idol. We could truly capture his essence in a statue or painting if that were the case. We could contain that image–and control it.

Babies are wondrous. From conception to two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two cells. How can we even debate the idea that one cell that changes into billions is any less a child that the billion or more? The billion or however many countless cells wouldn’t exist without that one cell, nor would any of us. It’s about the possibility. It’s life, even if it’s less of a mess to ‘clean up’ which is what an abortion is an attempt to do: post-event damage control. Whatever the circumstances that led to IT, IT is still a child.

More to follow…

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