They Think

I was sitting in a board room one day and the meeting was about to start. We were running behind because our corporate headquarters apparently had a clock that just spit out random numbers or something. We never started on time. It was going to be fifteen minutes either way so we’d either break in late (right on time) or sit and wait for thirty minutes for them to get their act together. And this was fine because the chairs were at least nice and there was a good view of downtown Dallas out one of the windows. I usually did payroll or something while we were waiting so it wasn’t a total waste of time. But it also, on occasion, gave me a chance to talk with some of my co-workers.

Now these were various varieties of managers, supervisors, and directors. Area managers, location managers, quadrant directors, cubical jockeys, et al. All kings of their little domains. All quite secure in their money and all quite happy to be, for the most part, childless. Most were boomers who had pursued their careers to the point that it was all they had. They had the six figures and the BMW. They had the downtown apartment and the house in the burbs. They had all they wanted an more.

But they were the sorriest, unhappiest bunch of people I had ever been around. They were always looking over their shoulder. They were always looking to ‘get’ someone else. This left them generally cranky and un-fun to be around.

So one of these late occasions I was having a discussion with one of these individuals. It was about the time my first child was born and I was just giddy. She was and is just an absolute delight, and even more so then because of {this}. “I don’t know” this fellow says to me one time. I said “Huh?” “About the whole kid thing, I don’t know. I mean, I would rather spend my money on myself.” I said, “You’re missing out. Kids are a blessing.” I got that ‘you’re a crazy Baptist aren’t you?’ look and I don’t know that he ever said anything to me ever again.

Now this isn’t something I had done a lot of research on, but I knew that God is the one who gives children. He is the one whom ‘forms’ them in the womb. He is the one who blesses us with them. But this was something that escaped most of my co-workers. Kids were a hindrance. They kept you home when you could be working or playing. They made you do other things besides take advantage of business opportunities. They were baggage. They were a drain on your assets. These folks were so focused on their money and their careers and their things that they were missing out on one of God’s most fundamental blessings. And I want you to know that I think this is what drives most of what I talked about at the end of last week. That’s the point of this post, actually: Abortions are, by and large, for the convenience of the mother or the mother’s parents. “She’s much too young to be saddled with a child” blah, blah, blah…because, for the most part, They Think God Doesn’t Know What He Is Doing.

Look for more on this soon.


2 responses to “They Think

  1. I worked in a similar situation, and I never could understand why anyone would put work above all else. I eventually left that job to go out on my own, so that I could be with my family more (they wanted me to be more dedicated to the firm than to my family’s needs).

  2. They don’t know what they’re missing. Thanks for dropping by.

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