Inflicting Hosea

I read this post on the Church Matters blog and I though it was great. It’s nice to know that there are some folks out there who are faithfully preaching God’s word. May He bless their efforts–until they just can’t stand it.

Honestly though I think long sermons are fine but I like good preaching. It bothers me when the church doesn’t make it a priority. What I mean is this: when the staff is putting together the church service the first thing they should ask is “Pastor, how long do you need to preach this Sunday?” I’ve spent too many years listening to whittled down 20 minute topical sermons designed to make me feel good or feel bad rather than teach the Word. Most of which were preached in that fashion because of pressure from the congregation.

I think the idea of a seven day shelf life for preaching is a little optimistic though. Most of the key-rattlers, nap takers, and grocery list writers are going to tune the pastor out from ‘let us pray’ till ‘amen’ anyway. Everyone else is going to be so buried by work that come Wednesday they are going to be more concerned with surviving until Saturday than anything else.

Now before you get all worked up let me say this: Yes, I realize that if they cracked their Bibles more than just on Sunday morning so they could have something to write that grocery list on they’d be better off–but thats you and me. God love ’em, most of my beloved Baptist kindred could care less about that sort of thing, they’re just happy to know that they’re going to heaven some day.


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