While we were voting

Everyone is talking about Mitt Romney now being a spoiler for Mike Huckabee and how Huckabee is now in John McCain’s hip pocket and how Obama beat Clinton but Clinton really won because she got more electoral votes. Truly people, lets not forget about the folks who were killed by tornadoes last night.

Perspective is everything. If you really, really wanted to vote and it might cost you your life would you do it anyway?

Tornado strikes Union University; trapped students rescued; no life-threatening injuries

Severe weather, tornadoes kill 47 across South


4 responses to “While we were voting

  1. Didn’t they vote for Billary? Sounds like wrath of God to me…LOL!

  2. Biblically the wrath of God isn’t a tornado it’s what we experience without Christ. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”–that ‘all’ covers you, me, and anyone else who’s ever been born or will be born. Wrath–God’s anger that we are rebellious against him. And as humans thats what we are.

    Regarding the ‘Billary’ as you put it, I didn’t vote for them the first time or this time. I don’t think we match up idealistically. And no, its not a matter of blindly following the Christian ‘Right’ or whatever its called these days.

  3. I just found it morbidly humorous or ironic that the states that voted for Hillary and Huckabee were – at that moment – hit by an “act of god” – to use the insurance terms – disaster.

    As for biblically – the wrath of God seems to change meaning between the Old and New Testaments. Old Testament has multiple examples of a physical wrath of God.

  4. I can agree with that. It was a little ironic I suppose, especially since Bill is supposed to be a Southern Baptist. I laugh at some pretty morbid stuff sometimes too.

    As for the wrath of God I’d say that in both the Old and New Testament it’s driven by the same thing as what drove Adam and Eve from the Garden: man rebelled against God. I don’t know, play around with it a bit and look up some verses. I can think of a few off hand: Sodom and Gomorrah is the classic and The Flood, of course. Then flip over to the NT and it seems that God is suspending his wrath until Jesus returns. So I guess in a sense you’re right, it does change a little. But I don’t want to make the mistake of thinking he’s just quit the wrath business. From what I read it seems that he’s just being kind and giving us a chance.

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