COD: Has God Called You?

A clear reply to the question ‘Has God called you?

Realistically I think we do a lousy job in the SBC with these young men who have ‘surrendered’ to preach. They say they feel called to preach but then we make them ‘surrender’ and then load them down with everything else but that. (Which is, I guess, what we do with pastors anyway.) They say they are called to preach and we tell them to take whatever comes along and just serve. But they’re not called to do that, they’re called to preach! That should be the focus of what we ask them to do. They should be put under the discipleship of the pastor and given opportunities to ‘fan to flame’ the gifts they have been given.

I’m not saying that young men can’t learn valuable lessons driving the church van, being a ‘youth minister’ or whatever other chores the church has for them. But I think we need to evaluate our priorities.

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