The Sacred Cow Grill

OK. So the issue I was discussing yesterday has already bobbed to the surface in my comments. The dreaded phrase sufficiency of scripture. And don’t get me wrong, because scripture is sufficient. But I think we—and that’s the SBC we—are not really getting the point.

You see, I didn’t even know there was a conservative resurgence taking place in the SBC until it was, technically, over. From what I read in blogola that means that they have officially shot all the wounded, buried them in unmarked graves and stampeded a herd of scapegoats over the burial site to cover their tracks. I read about it for the first time on Tom Ascol’s blog over at Founders—which of course immediately marks me by association for some folks—and I was shocked. Well, I mean I laughed out loud because my first thought was “Wow, if this is what the church looked like after the resurgence it must have been a disaster before.” And my second was “I just can’t really say that with a straight face.”

It’s not that I’m not grateful for those who have gone before because I truly am. I recall my own conversion and it’s almost laughable. I’ll have to write about it sometime. But the main fellow involved was most definitely a revivalist and what that means to me is that he preached an evangelistic message with an emotional invitation and mood music to get people to respond. I can’t really complain too very much about that because I heard the gospel and believed it and was changed. Can’t explain it other than God can and does use anything for his glory.

You see, the problem with that sort of mindset, that sort of revivalist mentality is really evasive. It compartmentalizes our Christian lives into “Sunday, Wednesday, and Special Events”. The idea of scheduling a revival falls into that last category. The deadly part is that when the Falls Creek church camp effect wears off, you have people who just don’t feel saved anymore. This is our wide open back door folks. This is our problem as a church and as a convention. Our salvation is based on our decision.

What scares me the most is my own mind. I know when I make a decision, it’s a fairly dynamic event. What that means is I can leave the house wanting a chili dog but by the time I get to Sonic I’m dying for a cheeseburger. See what I mean?
We’ll talk about why this is a problem tomorrow.


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