Every now and again I get frustrated with some things. The SBC is one of them. But I want you to know, whoever you are, that I dearly love my church. I love Southern Baptist Churches because their members are so hard headed and yet can be so soft hearted. I’m the same way, at least from the hard-head part.

So when I get down on them enough that it trickles over into my writing I know its time for an attitude adjustment. Rather, my attitude gets adjusted and then I realize that it was the Lord working to soften up my hard heart all along. No I’m not getting all charismatic on you and saying I had a revelation so just put your hands down and quit it already. What I am saying is that God still works in and through and on his people and his church even if I am too short sighted to see it.

And if I can’t get an amen on that one then we’ve got a problem. Or as one of my pastors once said, “If that don’t light your fire, your wood’s wet.”


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