About the Gospel

I’ve been a Southern Baptist my whole life.

What that may mean to you is ‘whoa, disney boycott’ or ‘prohibitionist’.

What it means to me is hard to explain. When I was a kid my prayer in church was ‘Dear God, why is this taking so long?’ The pews were as hard as the preaching. And guess what? Some of it started to sink in. This Jesus (or Je-Sus! as the ol’ country preachers used to say. Syllables may vary by county.) Back then it wasn’t about the Convention or the ACP or whether or not the church was going to split over the color of the carpet in the sanctuary. It was a matter of going and hearing the Word of God. You can fill in the blank on my conversion and Baptism probably. I’m OK with that. It happened. I know it happened and it happened in a Southern Baptist Church where something 20% of the total membership showed up for Sunday School and they all stayed for Church plus a few guests. Sound familiar?

Of course it does. There’s a lot of that going on still in this country. People get together and hear the Word of God preached on Sunday and just about any day in between. I read about missions in strip mall, coffee shops, and abandoned bars. I read about preaching points and evangelistic crusades…you get the point. But most of us have got a humongous freakin’ Sequoia of a splinter in our eye because we’re not happy with their language. Or maybe that pastor has a tattoo that shows when he stands in the pulpit. Maybe the music’s loud as the preaching can get but its the Gospel. You can’t deny the content.

Take some fiber. Man up. Or mind your own business, that’d probably be better.

People need the Gospel, they need Christ. Who are you to deny them that?

“But the word of God is not bound!” Are you?


2 responses to “About the Gospel

  1. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for posting to my bloglife about mega-churches, I really like what you said, ” We feel like when we go to a church its so that we can get our own needs met.” I really believe this is true for many 21st century Christians, who feel the need to be catered to and entertained.

    I too was brought up in the same faith as you (although my church is labeled as an Independent Christian church), but we still had water baptisms and communion every Sunday similar to Baptists. To this day, I’m really confused about labeling different churches with the word “nondenominational” (there are so many I can’t keep track, very confusing).

    In reading your post “About the Gospel” I get the feeling that you are defending your religion.
    I, too, used to be very defensive about my faith and views until I realized that every single person shares a different viewpoint on religion.
    My dad who is an elder at our church seems to take the stance, “It is because it has always been.” But that’s not enough for me…I’d like to know the why behind things (the history behind the gospels, the language, the culture). I want to know more about the entire bible not just the new testament.

    And I’m all for preaching in different venus and finding different ways to reach out to everyone. I really feel like there is so much out there for Christians these days that it is hard to just be simple, to get back to the basics. Faith shouldn’t be complex, we make it that way.

  2. Religion is a slippery word Hayley. I entitled the post ‘About the Gospel’ because thats what I was thinking about that day. If the SBC crashes into ruin, the Gospel will still stand. Christ and him crucified and raised again from the dead for the glory of God the Father.

    And that is the real sticking point for people. You can be whatever religion you want. Seriously, this is America so we’re guaranteed that freedom. In fact, you can church shop every Sunday from now on if you like and no one will stop you. But until you sit down and answer the question “Who is Jesus Christ?” it all amounts to going through the motions. Many people get turned off from church because thats all it is. Church this and church that and its just another demand on their time. When they encounter Christ–thats when there is a change. When they can say ‘my Lord and my God’ and mean it and live it…thats what it is to be Christian.

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