Sunday School This Ain’t

As you can tell from this postpolitics really bothers me sometimes. I can’t explain it other than I have many strenuous objections to a system that rewards the best ‘spinner’ of truth with extreme power and leadership. Anyway, this morning I’ve seen some other Christian folks
talking about whether or not to vote for McCain and I have to say I’m not that concerned about John McCain in the White House. What bothers me is the idea of Obama–which we could probably survive as a nation–or *shudder* The Clinton’s for eight more years. I may not enjoy some of the things McCain has done or said but he has at least DONE something other than talk. Unlike the last Republican President we had, he knows how to compromise in order to actually get something done.

And lets not forget about the Christian Slaves in Caesars house. Lets not forget about Paul in chains and in Rome and how nearly all of Caesars household was converted. The athiests and the agnostics may not like Christians but I bet they like doing business with them if they practice what they preach. Thats the sort of situation we have here.

Grow up people. This ain’t Sunday School.


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