Every now and again I like to answer interesting search terms that come up in the wordpress dashboard. This week I got a good one, “answering for your sins on earth.”

I asked one of my pastors once about this and he said something that really changed my idea about what sin was. He told me, “I think sin is its own punishment, don’t you?” I had to agree.

I like this definition:

“Sin may be comprehensively defined as lack of conformity to the law of God in act, habit, attitude, outlook, disposition, motivation, and mode of existence.”— Concise Theology: A Guide To Historic Christian Beliefs

Sin separates us from God. It was Adams sin of disobedience and rebellion that started this whole mess to begin with. We are sinners by nature, it’s what we do. It’s what we have to do before we are converted. After? We do it by choice. For the saved and the unsaved Sin is its own punishment. The lost sin because they can’t help it. The Christian does it because they are willfully disobedient. Christians sin because they choose to do so. They are the free ones in the world, they don’t have to do sinful things. Romans 6:7 For one who has died has been set free from sin.

So why do they? Well I don’t know. Sin is also a symptom. It should serve as a sign to the one doing it that something isn’t right between them and God. If a person continues in sin and still calls themselves a Christian, some self-examination is in order. What is causing this? Why do I continue to do sinful things when I call myself saved? Am I really a Christian?

It’s helpful to ask yourself these kinds of questions.

Overall ‘answering for your sins on earth’ is merely a function of the effects of our actions. Godly actions serve God’s purpose. Sinful actions don’t and therefore they have bad consequences. Here’s the tricky part though. Here’s the thing that gets a lot of folks. Sin is fun and sometimes the consequences of sin are nice and easy and good. A lot of folks are fooled by that one.

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