One who is taught the word must share all good things with the one who teaches. –Galatians 6:6

Why do we act like this is a suggestion? Why do we treat our pastors like hirelings? Why do we continually strive against the authority of the Word of God?

Yeah deacons, gossips, busybodies, I’m talking to you. Next time you feel like griping about the pastor’s sermon, take time to talk to him about it. When you find out what all he did that week besides prepare the sermon, offer to help out. When you see that he doesn’t have access to that many pastoral resources, ask him what he needs and find a way to get it for him.

I suppose its easier to just play ‘blame the pastor’. I mean, its the Southern Baptist way right? And I admit, I’ve met some folks who were sloppy in the pulpit BUT, and here the thing we need to hear, I’ve also looked at their congregations and said, “No wonder.”

“But the Word of God is not bound!” Are you?


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