I’m just a regular guy who worships the Creator and Lord of all Creation as He has been revealed in His Word. I chose the name Unbound for this blog because of 2 Timothy 2:9 “But the Word of God is not bound!” Paul wrote, though he was. We are bound to by our expectations and our own needs and desires and our agendas. We are bound by our iPods, Blackberries, and, yes, even our blogs. Only the Word of God can set set us free from that bondage.

I love this quote from Luther, I found it after I named the blog and just loved what it said:

“No; doctrinal truth should be preached always openly, without compromise, and never dissembled or concealed. There is no offence in it; it is the staff of uprightness. Who gave you the right and power to confine Christian doctrine to particular persons, places, times and cases, when Christ wills that it should be freely published and reign throughout the world? ‘The word of god is not bound,’ says Paul (2 Timothy 2:9) and shall Erasmus bind the word? God did not give us a Word that has respect of times, places, or persons. When Christ says: ‘go ye into all the world’ (Matthew 28:19)He does not say, as does Erasmus, ‘go to this place, but not that.’ Again: ‘Preach the gospel to every creature’ (Mark 16:15). He does not say ‘to some, but not to others.’ In sort, you enjoin in the ministry of God’s Word respect of persons, of places, of customs and of seasons; whereas one great part of the glory of the Word is precisely this—that , as Paul says, it does not respect persons, nor is God a respecter of persons (Romans 2:11, Ephesians 6:9, Colossians 3:25)You see again how unadvisedly you rush against the Word of God, as though you rated your own thoughts and ideas far above it.
–Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther

Don’t be Erasmus. Be Luther.

The Word of God is not bound..are you?


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  1. Feel free to delete this – just wondered why a year old post of yours “Thoughts on Communion” has cropped up in the Tag Surfer today? Pity its so out of date as I was about to post up a comment to it as well :)), but there you go. Might be worth reposting it so I could add to it at some point perhaps if you still have it available? Tks, TKR

  2. It’s dated for tomorrow–1/30/2007– so surf on back sometime after about 4a.m. and you CAN comment.

  3. One time my son asked me to start going to church with him. I did. It wasn’t long before I was re-saved and baptized. That sounds funny don’t it? Well I had been dunked in the water a few time in my life before that, but this time it stuck.
    Then he asked me to participate in a program at the church where everyone in the church was to attend a series of classes called Experiencing God, two nights per week, over a period of about four weeks, or so. Well, attended the classes. Even at my age I learned something new about God, and my son.
    If you pay close attention to your daily thoughts and activities you will find out that God does help you in every way possible. That is, if you don’t throw stumbling stones in front of God.
    Since that time I have noticed that God has helped me at every turn in the road. In fact, every chance I get, I tell other people that “God Helps Me”. You see, God helps me because of my love for Jesus and my sons love for me. In those days it must have been hard for my son to love me because I was not your typical Dad. But my son loved me in spite of all of that, just like Jesus loves me in spite of all of that.
    I pray for my kids, and I’m sure they pray for me and we all pray in Jesus’ name for each other.
    Therefore, God Helps Me!


  4. We’re visiting Norman this weekend; is the church you’re involved with anywhere near?

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