Now Reading

Read this before you begin a reading/study program and make sure you listen to this podcast.

My favorite quote: “I read too many books too fast…if could could relive my life I’d read fewer books and re-read those books.”–C.J. Mahaney

Read fewer books and study them to retain whats in them.

Books I’m Reading Now 2008 (The bottommost book is the current one)

The Bourne Identity, Robert Ludlum
The Bourne Supremacy, Robert Ludlum
NOTE: I quite this one because it was a little tedious. 2/13/08

Infinity In Your Pocket, Mike Flynn

Manual of Theology, J.L. Dagg

These I recommend without reservation unless they’re on the reading table. Books on the reading table, however, do come highly recommended.

Please feel free to recommend more books in the comment section.–Josh

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version
Note: I recently bought an ESV slimline and it is the best translation I’ve read. Go get one and you’ll probably think so too.

    Books Every Southern Baptist Should Read

(In order)
Knowing God, J.I. Packer, IVP
Chosen by God, R.C. Sproul, Tyndale
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J.I. Packer, IVP
Great Doctrines of the Bible, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Crossway
Bonhoeffer Speaks Today: Following Jesus at all Costs, Mark DeVine
Manual of Theology, J.L. Dagg

    Books On My Reading Table (In likely order of reading)

2007 Old Farmers Almanac (Southern Edition)

Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther
Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther, Roland H. Bainton
By His Grace and For His Glory, Tom Nettles
Sovereignty of God, A.W. Pink
Existence and Attributes of God, Charnock
Systematic Theology, Louis Berkof
Institutes, John Calvin
The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, John Owen

    Reference Books

John MacArthur’s Commentary
Holman Bible Dictionary
Concise Theology, J.I. Packer

    Electronic Resources

Quick Verse 8.0 Platnium
Libronix Digital Library System (CD from Reverse Interlinear ESV Greek NT)


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